Aargau Museum

The museum (Museum Aargau) is housed at different locations and in different buildings. The museum encompasses four castles (Wildegg, Habsburg, Hallwyl and Lenzburg), the Vindonissa museum and the reconstruction of the Roman army camp in Windisch, the (former) monastery in Köningsfelden, the virtual museum industriekulTour and the central collection hall in Egliswil.

The Wildegg Castle is one of the locations. The castle was built in the thirteenth century by the Habsburger.

The castle was the seat of the Effinger dynasty between 1483 and 1912.

The museum shows the medieval, baroque and modern history of the castle, the Effinger family and the canton of Aargau.


Museum: Aargau Museum
City: Wildegg
Country: Switzerland
Address: Effingerweg 5
Website: http://www.schlosswildegg.ch