Fahne 1935, Die Kantone, Nationale Einigkeit, Einheit in der Vielheit. Nationales Landesmuseum Zürich. Foto/Photo: TES.

Media, Federalism and Democracy

Media are indispensable to the functioning of a democracy. It is particularly true of multicultural, federal, decentralised Switzerland and its direct democracy and other direct participation of citizens and civil society.

What characterises the media in federalism in general and in Switzerland in particular? What does the Swiss media landscape look like? And how do the cantons deal with current challenges, such as the Corona pandemic, neutrality in times of war, or the media’s financing? The blog addresses these and other questions in a public debate to develop ideas and concepts for the future of Swiss media.

The ch stiftung (ch foundation), based in the House of the Cantons in Bern, regularly blogs on this topic (CH Blog). In addition to politicians and employees of the foundation, third parties from the academic world also have their say. All contributions have in common that they want to start a debate. This discussion could also be interesting for other countries.

Source and further information: www.chstiftung.ch