Maloja. Foto/Photo: TES.

Maloja and Nature

The geological rocks at Maloja are 300 million years old. The forces of water and ice, plants, animals and humans shaped the unique landscape of the Maloja Pass.

This pass also provides suitable conditions for bird migration across the Alps. The glaciers and the climate have created the circumstances for forming the heaths and marshlands of Maloja.

When the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, lakes and marshes came into being. The Palü Marcía swamp near the Maloja Pass is sixteen thousand years old.

The Alpine areas of the Upper Engadine at an altitude of 1700-1800 m are unique. The forests have recovered from centuries of human use for grazing, firewood and construction. The Belvedere tower, owned by Pro Natura, offers a unique view to enjoy this landscape.