L'intérieur de l’église Saint-Nicolas d’ Hérémence, 31.10.2021. Foto/Photo: TES.

Interior of the Saint-Nicolas Church in Hérémence

The fiftieth anniversary of St. Nicholas Church’s dedication in Hérémence (canton of Valais) occurred on 31 October 2021.

The interior’s remarkable architecture meets liturgy requirements but also accommodates modern furnishings and has good acoustics.

The use of concrete and the sculptural design, the combination of wood and light, and the many medieval and (early) modern religious objects may be an orientation for the church in the future.

After all, the adjacent buildings of the complex are intended for youth and social functions in the village. 

(Source : Anne-Fanny Cotting, Carole Schaub, L’église Saint-Nicolas d’Hérémence, Société pour l’histoire de l’art suisse (www.gsk.ch), also available in German and English)