Aarberg, Westbrücke. Bild/Photo: TES.

The Bridge of Aarberg

In the twelfth century there was only one river crossing between Bern (also founded in this century) and Büren an der Aare: where the city of Aarberg is now situated. Around 1140 the count of Neuchâtel built a castle near this bridge. The city was founded in 1220. The current bridge was built in 1568. During the first water correction of the Three Lakes Area (the so-called Juragewässerkorrektion between 1868-1891) the Aare was diverted. The huge wooden bridge is a reminder of the time of the wild Aare and its many floods. From 1891 onwards, however, the Aare was a tame small river, the so-called Old Aare. The bridge shows the width of the river before the correction. (Source and further Information: