Historical Atlas of Switzerland

The atlas covers almost six millennia of Swiss history, with more than one hundred maps grouped into chapters. Short texts explain each map and chapter.

Switzerland is presented with its neighbouring regions. Switzerland was not fixed in time and space until 1848 but was in the making for centuries.

For centuries, Switzerland was an alliance, the Eidgenossenschaft, of sovereign and independent cantons, concluding treaties with other cantons or territories outside the Eidgenossenschaft. Switzerland is also a mosaic of languages, cultures, religions, economies and regional identities.

These historical and explanatory texts visualise this history and provide insight into the most important phases and economic, religious, political, social and linguistic developments.

The publication appeared in French: François Walter (author), Marco Zanoli (maps), Laurent Auberson (contributions), Atlas historique de la Suisse, Neuchâtel 2020 and in German: François Walter (texts), Marco Zanoli (maps) and Laurent Auberson (contributions), Historischer Atlas der Schweiz, Zurich, 2021).