Le prieuré de Corcelles (1092). Photo/Bild: TES.

The Priory of Corcelles

The Priory of Corcelles was founded in 1092. The church became a temple in 1530 and is a national monument.

The history of Corcelles (canton of Neuchâtel) begins with the words in a charter: “In the year 1092, a certain Humbert founded the Priory of Corcelles”.

Humbert made the pilgrimage to Cluny. He met the famous Abbot of Cluny Hugues (1049-1109). Humbert returned to Corcelles and donated the church to Cluny.

Corcelles joined the network of Clunisian sites in 2007. (

(Source: Ann Robert, 900 years of history of the parish of Corcelles-Cormondrèche: 1092 – 1992. Corcelles, 1992).