Foto/Photo: Philippe Patek Museum, Genève.

Patek Philippe Museum

The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva houses one of the world’s most important and prestigious horological collections. Some 2,500 watches, automata, precious objects and portrait miniatures on enamel invite the visitor on a fabulous voyage through five centuries of Genevan, Swiss and European horological art and propose a panoramic view of Patek Philippe’s production since 1839.

The museum was founded twenty years ago and presents five centuries of watchmaking and its significance for decorative arts traditionally associated with watchmaking – engraving, enamelling, gemsetting, and guilloché work.

The magnificent collections are divided into two complementary sections: a tour through the history of the portable mechanical timepiece, from its origins in the sixteenth century down to the early nineteenth century and a survey of Patek Philippe’s most beautiful creations from 1839 to 2000.

A library with over 8,000 works on horology and related subjects underlines is available to the public and underlines the museum’s educational role.

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