Aventicum, au IIème siècle, Musée Romain, Avenches. Photo/Foto: TES.

Erlebar-App Experience of Roman Towns

The Roman theatre of Aventicum (Avenches, canton of Vaud) has been undergoing restoration for several years. The building is the largest of the four Roman theatres in Switzerland (Avenches, Augst, Lenzburg and Lausanne).

Roman Theatre. Photo: TES

Roman Theatre. Photo: TES

The building could seat around 12 000 spectators. The monument was built in the second century AD with limestone from Neuchâtel and large blocks of grey sandstone.

After the departure of the Romans around 410 AD, the building was used as a quarry. In the 19th century, the demand for stone led to the almost complete destruction of the thus far relatively well-preserved monument.

In 1892, the Pro Aventico association put an end to the dismantling. In 1959, the theatre was classified as a historical monument.

The theatre, the amphitheatre, the temple and the shrine of the Cigognier can be discovered in 3D with the Erleb-AR application, developed by the Bernese Fachhochschule.

Amphitheatre. Photo: TES.

Le Cigonier and temple. Photo: TES

The Erleb-AR app shows the Roman towns and monuments of Aventicum and Augusta Raurica (Augst) and the Roman monuments of Bern as they would have looked at the time.

The name Erleb-AR is derived from erlebbar in German and Augmented Reality in English (Erleb-AR bfh.science).

The Engelhalbinsel in BernRoman museum of Avenches and the Museum Augusta Raurica provide further information.