Bad Ragaz, Dorfbad. Foto/Photo: TES.

Bad Ragaz, the Bathhouse and Grand Hotel

The history of the bathhouse (Dorfbad) is closely linked to the use of the thermal spring in the Tamina Gorge and the success story of Bad Ragaz (Canton of St. Gallen) after 1850.

The story began in 1840 when Bernhard Simon (1816-1900) took over the estate “Hof Ragaz” from the Canton of St. Gallen. He built first-class spas in the village.

The canton built the bathhouse in 1866 and 1867, primarily for hygiene. At that time, few people had a bathroom and hot water.


The spas and grand hotel were obliged to maintain the bathhouse. This division of tasks functioned excellently for decades until the First and Second World Wars.

As of 2003, the bathhouse stood empty. However, the canton has subjected the monument to a complete renovation and restoration. The bathhouse is the last of its kind in Switzerland and now serves as a spa and wellness centre.

(Source and further information: Gemeinde Bad Ragaz).