The Protection of the Swiss Landscape and Nature

Every country has its rural beauty and nature. In western countries, a few generations are involved in protecting them from human intervention. Every country has its perspective, organisation and experts.

It is always helpful to learn from experiences and insights in other countries. The book offers a wealth of information, documentation and practical examples that may interest all countries. The author insists that the landscape and nature are the basis of the country’s development rather than human activities.

In the book’s first part, the author takes the reader through the history of landscape protection in the post-war decades. He discusses the successes and setbacks, using Switzerland as an example.

In the second part, he concentrates on the rescue of twelve landscapes.

In the third part, the German-language book offers suggestions for the responsible handling of nature and landscape.

For the author, the political commitment of the population is crucial. The engagement of citizens saved many landscapes.

Hanss Weiss, Achtung: Landschaft Schweiz. Vom nachhaltigen Umgang mit unserer wichtigsten Ressource, Zurich 2020.