Saas-Grund, Kapelle des Heiligen Bartholomäus.Foto/Photo: TES.

The St. Bartholomew Church in Saas-Grund

The church in Saas-Grund (canton of Valais) was first recorded in 1297.

St. Bartholomew was the church for the four villages (Saas-Fee, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund and Saas-Balen) of the Saas valley (Saastal).  A new church was built on the old site in 1685 and consecrated on 31 July 1687.

On 1 June 1893, Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell separated from the mother church in Saas-Grund and founded their parishes. Saas-Balen followed in 1907. On 28 August 1939, the bishop of Sitten consecrated the new church in Saas-Grund.

The church tower as a campanile recalls the old ties between the Saas valley and the neighbouring Valle Anzasca in Italy.