Das Igludorf, Landgasthof Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Iglo of Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad

In 2008, the Landgasthof Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad (Canton of Bern) built the first igloo in its courtyard. As the demand was great, more igloos were made yearly. Until today, there are five. The Kemmeriboden-Bad hotel was built in 1834 and is now owned by the sixth generation.

Today, the igloo restaurant has about 50 seats and a dining room for fondue. In the first year, lorries transported the snow from the mountains. This was too expensive and inefficient, so Landgasthof invested in its snow-making facility.

The hotel’s hydroelectric power station generates part of the energy. The water comes entirely from the hotel’s wells.

The symbiosis between the hotel, nature and the igloo village transforms the courtyard into a winter fairy tale along the River Emme. However, Mother Nature remains the most crucial partner from December to March.

(Source and further information: www.kemmeriboden.ch).