Sounding Soil. Sound installation. Photo/Foto: Centre Pro Natura de Champ-Pittet.

Sounding Soil

What does the earthworm say to the springtail when they meet beneath the carrot field? Can you hear the grass growing? What are the differences in sound between a vegetable field with organic soil and one with conventional ones?

The exposition Sounding Soil (au Centre Pro Natura de Champ-Pittet, Cheseaux-Noréaz, canton de Vaud) answers these questions using a sound installation.

The installation, housed in a shipping container with a 3D Loudspeaker System, makes you feel like you are in the soil and walking between the roots and animals. Visitors can touch the various screens to hear a range of soil recordings.

The sound installation makes it possible to experience two basic things. You can listen to the diverse life in the ground, and the differences between soils can be heard: healthy soil with high biodiversity has more sound variety.

Workshops about this theme are organized by the Biovision Foundation.

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