Swiss Democracy

The book (written in German) describes the development and peculiarities of Swiss democracy. The book is also available in the English language on internet (Oapen Home) under the title:

W. Linder and S. Mueller, Swiss Democracy. Possible solutions to conflicts in multicultural societies

The book highlights federalism, concordance (Konkordanz) as an instrument of interest representation and social integration, the functioning of government and parliament, the influence of referendums, the role of political parties, social organisations and associations in the federal decision-making process and policy.

Moreover, the book situates the Swiss political system in an international comparison:

  • Its strengths and weaknesses
  • Globalisation and internationalisation
  • The Swiss model as a possible source of inspiration

W. Lindner/Sean Mueller, Schweizerische Demokratie. Institutionen, Prozesse, Perspektiven, fourth edition, Bern 2017