Romanshorn, alte Kirche und Schloss. Foto/Photo: TES.


Romanshorn (Canton of Thurgau) and the Old Church (Alte Kirche) were first mentioned in a deed of donation from the year 779. The noblewoman Waldrata left her property in “Rumanishorn” to the monastery of St. Gallen. The convent’s bailiffs resided in the castle.

The old church was used by Catholics and Protestants from 1563, as was the case in many other places in Switzerland. The ‘new’ castle (now a restaurant) was built in 1404For a thousand years, until 1798, the village was ruled by the abbots of St. Gallen.

From the middle of the 19th century, more and more goods came from Lindau to be shipped over Lake Constance. The small village developed into a port town with the construction of the largest harbour on Lake Constance and the railway station in 1855. Romanshorn became a traffic hub.

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