The Romansh Spell Checkers

As part of the project “Programs da correctura ortografica rumantscha” (programmes for correcting Romansh), the organisations Pro Svizra Rumantscha and the Lia Rumantscha are launching a new programme for correcting written texts with and on the computer.

Six programmes for the five idioms (Puter, Surmiran, Sursilvan, Sutsilvan, Vallader and Rumantsch Grischun) will be available when the project is completed. They can be integrated into different operating systems and programmes. As a first step, a programme for Surmiran is being launched.

Although Romansh is a minority language with around 50 000 active speakers in Graubünden and tens of thousands elsewhere in Switzerland, the national government and the canton of Graubünden support this language and culture.

(Source and further information: Lia Rumantscha and Pro Svizra Rumantscha)