Der Vorderrhein bei Versam-Valendas. Foto: TES.

International Rhine Regulation and Rhesi in Widnau

The Rhine from the confluence of the Anterior Rhine (Vorderrhein) and Posterior Rhine (Hinterrhein) rivers near Reichenau in Tamins  (Grisons) to its confluence with Lake Constance is known as the Alpine Rhine or the longest torrent in Europe.

The most devastating flood occurred in 1817. Other floods are recorded in 1888, 1927, 1954 and 1987 and, of course, the Magadalena flood of 1342.

Austria and Switzerland signed in 1892 the International Regulation of the Rhine (IRR). In 2017, the IRR celebrated its 125th anniversary. The Rhy-Schopf of the Werkhof Widnau organises an exhibition about the future of flood protection and the Rhesi-project.

Rhesi stands for Rhine – Recreation and Safety (Rhein – Erholung Sicherheit) in the lower Rhine valley.

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