Der Rote Turm am Julierpass. Foto/Photo:

Concerts on the Julier Pass

The autumn in the mountains is a time of quiet melancholy, of the great storm, of the quiet evening, of fading love. The forests sway in a blaze of colour. The nights show their stars in the first frost. The mountain peaks bask in the late light of the sun. Then the autumn storms end this splendour, and the winter covers this world with a white sheet of snow.

Against this background, Origen’s bandmaster Clau Scherrer has created a beautiful autumn programme. The emphasis is on Romansh compositions, choral works and songs related to autumn’s facets.

The autumn concerts on 14, 15 and 16 October will feature rarely-heard songs and choral works in the Red Tower (der Rote Turm) on the Julier Pass. The composers come from Graubünden and have contributed to Romansh’s musical heritage.

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