Burg i. Leimental, Burg. Foto/Photo: TES

The Castle ‘Burg’ in the village Burg im Leimental

The area was already inhabited in Roman times. In 1168, Biedertan Castle, a hilltop fortress (a Höhenburg, like Wildenstein Castle in Bubendorf), was given as a fief to Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa.

In 1269 it came into the possession of the diocese of Basel. From 1392 it was inhabited by the Lords of Wessenberg.

After the 16th century, the castle was renamed “Biedertal”, then “Burgtal”, and finally “Burg”.

In 1815, Burg was assigned to the canton of Bern by a decision of the Congress of Vienna. In 1994, the village of Burg im Leimental was transferred to the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

(Source: www.baselland.ch)