A Short History of the Engadine

The book is not limited to the village of Celerina, the book’s starting point. It presents the historical, social, economic and tourist context of the Upper Engadine in an accessible way and with many illustrations.

The book (available in the German and Italian languages) presents the Engadine’s historical, social, economic and tourist context in an accessible manner and with many illustrations: the Rhaetians, of whom little is known, the Romans, the fall of the Roman Empire and its consequences, the arrival of Walser and other German speaking immigrants, the military occupation of the Engadine from 1500 to 1800, the Reformation, the emigration of many inhabitants and many other topics are being dealt with.

Tiziana Cavadini-Canonica, Adriano Cavadini, Das Engadin-Kurze Geschichte einer alpinen Welt, Sondrio, 2009.

The book was first published in Italian in 2008, Piccola storia di un mondo alpino, Sondrio 2008.