Die Taminaschlucht nahe Bad Ragaz. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Taminaschlucht

The Taminaschlucht (cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden) is the name for the area of Pfäfers and the communes Valens and Vättis.

Access to the canyon is possible at Bad Ragaz. From Pfäfers, one can see the ruin of Wartenstein Castle, the Wartenstein Castle hotel, the old Pfäfers bathhouse, the monastery church (1694) and the Pfäfers monastery and its 1100-year-old history.

The TectonicArena of Sardona (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008) and the viewpoint Windegg, the Walser settlement St. Martin, the Gigerwald reservoir, the Kunkelpass, the valley of St. Margrethenberg, the Calfeisen valley, the Tamina bridge, the villages Valens and Vättis and their hunting museum, the Drachloch museum and the sculpture trail are in the same region.

Moreover, the Sardona, named after the mountain Piz Sardona, is the place to get insight into the origin of the Alps. The highest peak is 3247 metres (the Ringelspitz).