Fribourg/Freiburg. Bild, Photo: TES.

Continuing to Build

The Swiss member (NIKE) of the European Heritage Days invites the public on 12 and 13 September 2020 to debate the future of the cities, villages and houses in Switzerland. How can they be preserved while at the same time creating new, high-quality residential and open spaces in the cities?

With the theme “Continuing to build” (Weiterbauen – Verticalité – Costruire sul costruito – Construir en il construi, in the four languages of the country) the Days address topical questions. Over a thousand free guided tours walks, workshops or discussion groups are available throughout the country.

The need for living space and mobility is continually increasing. One expects around ten million people in Switzerland in 2045. At the same time, the aim is to put a stop to settlement growth and building in rural areas.

For people to feel comfortable in a densely populated environment and cities, however, high-quality construction must continue. It also includes a responsible approach to architectural heritage and city planning.

Examples show the conflicts of interest between the protection of the architectural heritage, the needs of the people and use of the available space in cities and rural areas. They show, for example, how a milk factory became a university, how a fire in a parliament building led to an architectural masterpiece, or how an uninhabited farmhouse and its barn were transformed into a residential building. (Source and further information: and