Paritätische Kirche Ermatingen. Foto/Photo: TES.

Church of Ermatingen

The monastery of Reichenau built the first church in Ermatingen (then Erfmoutinga) around 750. The tower foundations and the St. Catherine Chapel date back to c. 1300. In 1490, the tower was completed, and at the same time, the choir, the nave and the sacristy were built. The beams of the roof are dated around 1490.

Major renovations took place in 1649 and 1750. The choir vault was painted by Franz Ludwig Hermann (1723-1791). Another alteration is documented in the renovation of 1900.

The church has been used jointly since 1536 (Paritätische Kirche Ermatingen). It serves as a house of prayer for the Protestant-Reformed and Roman-Catholic parishes.

English general Thomas Lindsay (1774-1848) is buried in this church. He bought and lived in Hard Castle (demolished in 1982) in Ermatingen until his death.

Good social relations were maintained with the French residents of the neighbouring castles of Arenenberg, Wolfsberg and Louisenberg and musical evenings were organised.

(Source: Paritätische Kirche Ermatingen).