Swiss Saltworks

With the salt produced at its Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex sites, Swiss Saltworks supplies the whole country with salt. About half of the annual production volume – some 600,000 tonnes in total – is used as de-icing salt to ensure the safety of road traffic in winter. The other salt products cover the requirements and … Read more » “Swiss Saltworks”

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is an approximately 1,600 km long tour with own transport over five Alpine passes and 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the four (Italian, French, German and Reto-Roman) regions. The highest peaks, mountain passes, ancient Roman cities and amphitheatres, Romanesque churches and abbeys, Celtic pile dwellings, houses, chocolate factories, cheese … Read more » “The Grand Tour”

The Basler Carnival or Fasnacht

The Basler Carnival or Fasnacht is a folk festival that dates back to the Middle Ages. Religious, social and political motives underlied the development. A few days a year the politically powerless and socially weaker could express their dissatisfaction and (political) views in the strictly hierarchical society and forget the concerns of daily life for … Read more » “The Basler Carnival or Fasnacht”