The regions of Basel, Baden and Alsace along the Upper Rhine (Oberrhein/Haut-Rhin) not only share a common Alemannic language but have been closely linked culturally, socially and economically for centuries. Concrete cooperation exists in several areas, including the organisation RegioTriRhena. 

Since 2021, there has also been cultural cooperation of Art’Rhena on the Rhine island of Vogelgrun, on the French side, opposite the “European city” of Breisach on the German side of the Rhine. Art’Rhena opened in October 2021.

Breisach. Foto: TES

 On 19 september 2022, a panel discussion with representatives from the arts and culture sector took place and some artists gave presentations on their work in sculpture, painting, poetry and songwriting, musical cabaret, conceptual art and the Franco-German orchestra Chüt.

The event was organised by the RegioTriRhena, the Eurodistrict Region Freiburg – Centre et Sud Alsace.

The new season of Art’Rhena starts in October.

For more information and the programme: Art’Rhena (