Albert Anker Haus, Ins (Anet). Foto/Photo: TES.

Albert Anker House

The painter Albert Anker was born in this house (Albert Anker Haus) in Ins (Canton Bern) in 1831 and died here in 1910.

The house was built in 1803 by his grandfather Rudolf Anker, a veterinarian, in the style of the Seeland farmhouses. The house layout, furnishings and inventory still largely correspond to the condition in which the painter and his ancestors built it. The studio has been preserved in its original condition, a rare testimony to the 19th century.

The painter first studied theology before moving to Paris and studying arts and working as a painter. He lived there with his wife and children during the winter months.

He spent the summer months at his parents’ house in Ins where he painted most of his pictures with models from the village. From 1890 he lived and worked there until his death.

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