The history museums of Sion (Geschichtsmuseum Valeria, from 15.6.2019 to 05.1.2020) and Lausanne (Musée d’archéologie et d’histoire de Lausanne from 07.02.2020 to 28.06.2020) present an exhibition covering the period from 350 to 1000 years in French-speaking Switzerland, also known as the Romandie, the area between the Alps and the Jura. The exhibitions offer partly identical, partly different objects, murals, maps and animations relating to this region and in particular Vaud and Valais. The joint publication Aux sources du Moyen Age. Entre Alpes et Jura de 350 à l’an 1000 (Gollion, 2019) accompanies both exhibitions. The period between the end of the Roman Empire (5th century) and the year 1000, the early Middle Ages, is (too) often presented as a dark time of barbarians and decline. Both exhibitions invite you to rediscover this period. The inhabitants, trade relations, Christian religion, (material) culture and politics are put into perspective. Language and writing are also presented, especially the bilingualism of Wallis (and Switzerland), which goes back to this period.