Vitromusée Romont, `Du précieux au quotidien. Le verre plat dans l'architecture´.

The exhibition ((Du précieux au quotidien. Le verre plat dans l´architecture) is devoted to the fascinating history of the production and use of sheet glass from antiquity to the present day.


The exhibition will highlight the interactions between technological innovations and developments in the field of flat glass production, the construction industry and architecture, and will give an insight into the diversity of this once precious and now everyday material.


A special look is taken at the company Epredia/Erie-Electroverre in Romont, which in 1935 inaugurated the first electric furnace for the production of drawn glass. Documents, photographs and filmed testimonies trace the history of this company, which unfortunately closed its doors in 2021. This closure concludes the history of one of the last drawn glass production sites in the world.