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From 23 April to 2 October 2022, the exhibition tells folk tales from the region of the central Alps and looks at their origins and how they spread.

The Devil’s Bridge, the Sennentuntschi, and, of course, the story of William Tell are three examples of famous tales and legends from central Switzerland. Unlike fairy tales, legends are believed to be «true» and always bear reference to a specific place, person, event or time.

They tell of extraordinary, supernatural, or miraculous incidents. They feature ghosts, witches, and even the Devil himself and historical events and figures. No wonder they capture people’s imagination and make them shudder, but, at the same time, they often also contain an educational, socio-critical, even moralizing element.

The exhibition (Sagenhafter Alpenraum) is concerned with how tales and legends originate and spread and questions their function and their impact. Experts and additional programmes provide insight and background information regarding folk tales’ origins, reception, and various motifs.