To begin its anniversary year, the House of Art Zug (Kunsthaus) shows what was a focus of the collection right from the start: Swiss surrealist and fantastic art. The maverick, idiosyncratic aspects of the surreal and fantastic trends in art are what remain attractive about this collection focus, down to the present day. The exhibition (Fantastisch Surreal. Die Sammlung) addresses the different styles of Surrealism.

“A Surrealist exhibition to outdo all others!” That was the aim of the Surrealist exhibition in Paris in 1947, organised by André Breton, Marcel Duchamp and Frederick Kiesler. The rooms in which the exhibition was held were part and parcel of its artistic concept. Architecture and art became a unity. The exhibition (André Breton, Marcel Duchamp and Frederick Kiesler. Surrealistische Räume 1947) will be recreated in Zug, using some 100 original sketches and photographs. This is the first time it is shown in this concept outside Vienna.