The exposition is a graphic-novel style retrospective of village life in the 19th century.

As you stroll up the village street, you will relive the past through the eyes of Gustin, a fictitious Champérolain who leaves his village as a young lad to become a mercenary in Napoleon’s army. In 1863, after a 50-year absence, Gustin’s homesickness brings him back to a village that has changed dramatically.

The storyboards are on display at strategic points along the main street and provide an engaging way to explore the village and its past. Each panel is divided into two parts:

– In the first part, the illustrations show Gustin rediscovering his village half a century after his departure.

– The second part of the panel depicts scenes from everyday life, concentrating of different aspects of the (pre- and medieval) history and the lifestyle, politics, revolutions, habitations, the mountains, domestic life, local industry, mercenary soldiering, emigration, tourism, the train station and modern transport and other issues.