Poster, "tierisch!". Keine Kultur ohne Tiere, Museum der Kulturen Basel.

Animals matter human beings. People cannot imagine life without them. This relationship is varied and ambivalent.

Animals were domesticated over many thousands of years, and today they are members of our families. Human beings seek out the company of animals, both living and in other forms.

In the relationship with animals, humans continue to adopt the role of master, however. We use them for work, transport, and in wartime. In a farmhouse setting. Milking stools, tail clamps for cows, and beehives point to animals as sources of nutrition.

The tables are turned when animals and deities in animal form take precedence over human beings. The latter enter into a special compact with the former who are worshipped by them.

“ animalistic! One Theme – Four Exhibitions ” is a joint project by four Basel museums: Museum der Kulturen Basel, Historisches Museum Basel – Musikmuseum, Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, and Pharmaziemuseum Basel: