Pharmaziemuseum, Cost of Life, four fetuses by Paddy Hartley on display. Photo/Foto: TES.

In the exhibition “The Cost of Life”, the British artist Paddy Hartley addresses the risks and opportunities of medicine, medical progress, the patient and scientific research (see also Swiss Spectator Latest News, 12 October 2021, A Courageous, Unique and Topical Exhibition in Basel).

His artistic commentary makes humanity’s efforts to improve health and combat disease directly tangible and topical, even in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The exhibitions are on display at the Tinguely Museum and the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel  (Pharmaziemuseum der Universität Basel) in Basel to mark the 125th anniversary of the pharmaceutical company Roche, which initiated the project.

The exhibition at the Tinguely Museum deals with controversial issues in health care using existing and newly created works by Paddy Hartley (see also Swiss Spectator under Latest News, 13 October 2021).

The exhibition at the Pharmaziemuseum places new works by the artist in dialogue with the museum’s collection, particularly ceramics, which has played an essential role in developing the pharmaceutical industry since the 16th century.

The artist introduces more than small ceramics fetuses. The fetuses are up to mischief within the collection and create endearing and humorous contrasts with the historical artefacts.