Weil am Rhein, Ausstellung 'Iwan Baan. Momente der Architektur', Vitra Design Museum. Foto/Photo: TES

Today, Iwan Baan (1975) is considered one of the most influential photographers of architecture and the environment. He documents the growth of global metropolises and traditional buildings. Over the last 30 years, digital media have fundamentally changed the world of photography and architecture.

Impression of the exhibition. Photo: TES

Hardly any other photographer has characterised this development as strongly as Iwan Baan. His working method is fast and precise, and he creates images that are concise, poetic and human at the same time. Baan knows how to capture buildings perfectly but also catches the moments when architecture comes to life, when construction workers take a break and when people move in or out of their houses.

The exhibition (Iwan Baan. Moments in Architecture) presents a panorama of early 21st-century architecture in its urban and social contexts and the people who live in it with the photographer’s wide-ranging work.