Le coffre des archives du village de Saint-Martin, 13e. siècle. ©Musées cantonaux du Valais, Sion. Heinz Preisig, Bernard Dubuis

The history museums of Geneva, Annecy, Chambéry, Suse, Aosta and Sion/Sitten in the territories of the former Earldom or Duchy of Savoy form a network for Medieval Art in the Alpine region. The network organises exhibitions and publications.

The Valais History Museum in Sion presents a new exhibition of medieval chests. The focus is on the craftsmanship and the (Romanesque and Gothic) characteristics of this unique collection.

The collection is unique because of its age (especially the pieces from the 13th century), its diversity (liturgical chests, archive chests, domestic chests, grain chests, among others) and quality.

Many of them were made for and on behalf of the bishop and the Basilica Valeria.