Lika Nüssli, Zeichnen hilft, 2011. Ausstellung 'Lika Nüssli im Taumel', Cartoonmuseum Basel. Foto/Photo: TES.

Lika Nüssli (1973) observes, researches and experiments with various art forms. Her multifaceted oeuvre encompasses drawing, illustration, comics, painting, installation, textiles, performance and texts.

The exhibition is presenting her first major retrospective. It includes works from all her periods, ranging from comics to large-format paintings and autobiographic work.

Recent works and original drawings with elements of her native canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden and the graphic novel Starkes Ding (Strong Thing) are also on show. T

This novel is based on her father’s Diary and memories of his youth as a foster child on a farm in Appenzell Ausserrhoden after the Second World War.

In her first graphic novel Vergiss dich nicht from 2018 (Don’t Forget Yourself), she already addressed her roots. She created a combination of autobiography, documentary and fiction, revolving around her changing relationship with her mother, who suffered from dementia.

She has produced many of her works during voyages and far away from home in Belgrade, Paris, St Petersburg, Moscow and Cairo. 

These works often deal with topical issues, like repression, pollution, censorship, and the status of women.

She also approaches the public and communicates with individuals on the spot, for example, refugees in their tent camps in Paris.

This multitalented artist often starts her creative process without a specific plan. Sketching is one of her means to get new ideas and inspiration. Many of these works are on show as well. They give a good insight into her creative process.