Leila-Licchelli, Spirit technique mixte, 2022=©Leila Licchelli, musée de Charmey

Les Imagiers de la Gruyère was founded 50 years ago. It is a group of artists, craftsmen, autodidacts and professionals. Their starting point is the use of materials from the region to create art.

Using different techniques and materials, they share their art with the multitude of materials from the region of la Gruyère (Canton of Fribourg). The multifaceted show presents unexpected and everyday materials and art.

With Karin Biland, Jean-Pierre Bochud, Ginette Bolomey, Marilyne Caille-Bapst, Marielle Collin, Nicole Drompt Spicher, Danielle Elamari-Sudan, Patricia Gabriel, Jean-Marc Gaillard, Yvonne Gendre, Pierre-Alain Jemmely, Éric Jolliet, Brigitte Knecht, Leila Licchelli, Lucette Pauchard, Philippe Renevey, Tania Renevey, Ursula Rime, Marie-Claude Sudan, Daniel Sudan, Hélène Tinguely, Bruno Yerly, Philippe Zueblin and Catherine Zumkeller.