Noé Cotter, 2020. L´exposition ´Errances dans les méandres du temps´. Foto/ Photo: TES

The exhibition Errances dans les méandres du temps (Wanderings in the meanders of time) takes us to places photographer Noé Cotter (born 1993) has known since childhood. His exploration takes us from the depths of Lake Neuchâtel to the caves of the Areuse Gorge in the canton of Neuchâtel.

The 28 photographs on display were taken in 2020. They invite you to discover familiar yet unfamiliar landscapes. Natural elements – water, rocks and vegetation – play a central role, while the place of humans is ambiguous.

The latter is suggested by material remains, the remnants of pile-dwellings, ancient ships and contemporary objects transformed into archaeological remains by an extended stay at the bottom of the lake.