Henry Brandt. Filmmaker and Photographer

Henry Brandt. Cinéaste et photographe. Musée d'art et d'histoire de Neuchâtel.

Henry Brandt (1921-1998) was a self-taught exponent of the cinematic and photographic arts. Together with Alain Tanner and Claude Goretta in particular, he was one of the co-founders of the Swiss Filmmakers Association (ARF/FDS) in 1962.

He produced a large number of films during an active professional career that spanned some 35 years. His documentaries for the Swiss National Exposition in Lausanne in 1964 made a lasting impression on an entire generation of visitors and filmmakers.

Various events in other cities underline the quality of his work and his ability to grasp the major issues of the society of his time: education, ageing, pollution, nature, the consumer society, the Cold War and arms race and the contrast between poor and rich countries. Themes that are still relevant today.

(Further information: www.henrybrandt.ch).