Affiche de l 'exposition. Le musée historique Lausanne.

From the middle of the 19th century, with the rise of tourism, railways, construction of tunels and other industries, Switzerland became a country of immigration.

Until the (oil) crisis of 1973, millions of Italians lived and worked in the country for short or long periods, including in Canton Vaud and Lausanne in particular.

They profoundly influenced the culture and many other facets of Switzerland.

The ‘italianità’ can be felt in music, food, nightlife, sports, language, cinema, trade, business, and many other areas.

The exhibition (Losanna, Svizzera, 150 ans d’immigration italiènne à Lausanne, 150 years of Italian immigration in Lausanne) puts this immigration of over 150 years into perspective.

The story of Lausanne is symbolic of other cantons, cities and villages in Switzerland.