Fondation Bolle, Insectes, du Léman au Jura. Affiche de l'exposition.

The exhibition Insects, du Léman au Jura (Insects, from Lake Geneva to the Jura) is part of a study of nature around Morges (canton of Vaud) and its surroundings.

Previous projects dealt with Birds (Les oiseaux, 2013) and Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles (Les mammifères, amphibians et reptiles, 2016). The Bolle Foundation is now highlighting insects and their habitat.

The world of insects is unknown to almost everyone. We are surrounded by thousands of these small miracles, one more surprising, colourful and valuable than the other.

Insects are also an essential link in the circle of life and the development of flora and fauna. But we know so little about them. One hundred ten photos, taken by six photographers from the region, leave no one indifferent to these beautiful creatures of nature.