Ludwig Bechstein (Ed.), Deutsches Märchenbuch (German Fairy tales), Leipzig 1847. Vaduz, Liechtenstein Landesmuseum Inv. Nr. 2019 0105.

The museum presents the topics of fairy tales, myths, legends, fables and sagas, which form a fundamentally important part of every culture and its collective memory.

The exhibition pursues themes that course through the narratives of people from different cultures. These themes start deep in prehistory and spread at an early stage.

They unfold in the myths, sagas, fables, legends of antiquity and lead into the world of the European fairy tales, which were initially handed down only orally.

The world of Liechtenstein sagas is also showcased. The influence of these literary genres has shaped art for millennia.

The narrative elements and narrative structures passed down in the stories can also be found in the modern world of fantasy narratives and films.