Werner Büchly (1871-1942), «Minnesänger Hadlaub», 1897, Wettbewerbseingabe für ein Wandbild zum neu errichteten Schweizer Landesmuseum Zürich, Fotoglasplatte, Museum Burghalde Lenzburg.

On the occasion of the 150th birthday of the artist Werner Büchly (1871-1942), the Icon Museum in Lenzburg focuses on his great pictorial historical, religious and cultural themes.

Among his most important works are those on the Angelrain Schoolhouse in Lenzburg and the Pestalozzi Schoolhouse in Birr (1906), in the crematoriums in Aarau and Zurich, in the Vindonissa Museum in Brugg or in the parish church in Othmarsingen.

The almost forgotten artist left an impressive oeuvre. His apostles, heroes, gods, scientists and other personalities decorate the halls and facades of schools and other educational institutions, churches, government buildings and villas.

His representations in the exhibition (Helden und Propheten) also depict the great philosophical and religious questions.