Ulysses 1922-2022

James Joyce, Trieste. Foto/Photo: Wikipedia.

“Ulysses”, written by the Irish exile James Joyce (1882-1941) in Trieste, Zurich and Paris, is considered one of the most influential novels of the 20th century.

Exactly 100 years after its first publication on 2 February 1922, the exhibition portrays the genesis, the reception, the content and form of “Ulysses” in a hundred objects, documents and photographs.

They are the story of the publication, the criticism and scandals that followed it. The author told the story of three people on an ordinary day in Dublin in the early summer of 1904, creating a multifaceted portrait of the city.

He broke with the prevailing conventions and used poetic language and stylistic diversity, a Marcel Proust avant la lettre.