Max Bill Global

Max Bill,1970. Foto/Photo: Marcel Vogt. Wikipedia,

Max Bill (1908-1994) was a painter, sculptor, architect, designer, graphic designer, and typographer but also a theorist, collector, curator, publicist, teacher, politician, and activist. The formative influence of his work on mid-twentieth century art and design extended far beyond Switzerland.


The exhibition is devoted to his diverse body of work: aside from paintings and sculptures, it also includes designs for posters, fonts and furniture. For the first time the exhibition addresses Bill’s global network. As a major theorist and co-founder of Concrete Art he sought dialogue with artists from Europe, the USA and Latin America.


Bill was a leading proponent of Concrete art. He organized exhibitions, authored numerous texts on Concrete art, and exchanged ideas with colleagues around the world.


At the same time, he set standards for design in the graphic arts, product design, and architecture.


In his highly original and multifaceted design practice, he synthesized various disciplines and artistic movements. He built a worldwide network of contacts and was committed to an international artistic dialogue throughout his life.