Not Vital (1948), HEAD, 2016, glasierte Keramik, 142x88x115 cm, im Besitz des Künstlers.

Between 26 June and 12 September 2021, Kirchner Park in Davos displays Not Vital’s ceramic sculpture HEAD.

The sculpture, created in 2016, belongs to a group of works that the artist dedicates to portraits.

The artworks dispense with clear facial features and are characterised by a high degree of abstraction.

The visual language is characterised by poetic humour, sublime symbolism and surreal, individual mythology.

Through the polished and shiny surfaces, the environment is reflected and transformed in the artwork. In this way, the viewers become a part of the sculpture.

This play with reflections is reminiscent of Not Vital’s chrome steel portrait of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which has been on display at the museum since 2019.