Personnages de cire de Louis de Funès (prêté par le Musée Grévin) et Charlie Chaplin. Foto/Photo: TES

Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) and Louis de Funès (1914-1983) connected deeply with their bodies, expressions and rhythm. Their gait and legendary dance acts expressed emotions then, and they still do.

The exhibition ‘Mouvement and Speech’ (le geste et la parole), a resounding success in Saint-Raphaël (France), offers a unique exploration of the diversity of their talents. It shows their similarities and differences, providing a fresh perspective on their distinct yet overlapping periods. World War II, for instance, was something they both highlighted in their way.

The exhibition in the Manoir at Chaplin’s World features more than 300 photographs, archival objects and film clips.

The interactive exhibition allows a close and in-depth experience of the films of these unique performers and their legendary acts and dances, including the Hasidic dance from The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob and Charlie Chaplin’s iconic mime dance from Modern Times.