The exhibition in the new extension of the Historisches Museum in Bern is showing an exquisite selection of some 450 Celtic art treasures from all over Europe in an area covering 1200 sq. m. Magnificent jewellery and richly decorated utilitarian objects made from bronze, iron, silver and gold, precious grave goods and cult objects with complex patterns or representations of fantastic beings testify to the masterly artistic creation achieved by the Celts. The exhibition offers the chance to see for the first time some recently discovered and spectacular new finds from France that have not yet been displayed to the public. As a particular highlight it is also showing for the first time outside Germany the treasure from the burial chamber of the famous Celtic chieftain at Hochdorf. The most up-to-date exhibition techniques help to elucidate the structure of the complex and often puzzling ornamental schemes of the artefacts. The development of motifs and style is explained in dialogue with the testimonies of classical antiquity.