Arp and Rodin in Dialogue

The exhibition brings Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) and Hans Arp (1886–1966) into dialogue, the late 19th-century sculpture’s great reformer and the major protagonist of 20th-century abstract sculpture.

Both artists displayed exceptional artistic inventiveness and enthusiasm for experimentation. Their works left a deep imprint on their times and retain their full relevance to this day.

The sculptural milestones created by Auguste Rodin and Hans Arp provide remarkable illustrations of fundamental aspects in the development of modern sculpture.

The exhibition of around 110 works takes as its starting point Arp’s 1938  Automatische Skulptur (Automatic Sculpture, Homage to Rodin) and his 1952 poem Rodin – tributes to the great precursor.

The exhibition shows iconic works such as Rodin’s Thinker and Kiss as well as Arp’s Ptolemy and Torso, and lesser-known works, including reliefs by Arp and drawings and collages by both artists.